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Washing Machine, Electric Oven and Dishwasher Repairs in Cobham

Let’s make no bones about it. When domestic appliances let you down, it feels as if the whole world has let you down. 1st Choice Domestic Appliances have met many previous customers from nearby Cobham who have had their precious time interrupted by white goods which have failed. Thankfully, we are always on hand to provide the good people of Cobham with washing machine repairs, electric oven repairs and dishwasher repairs.

We also undertake repair work on all other domestic appliances, and have no problems at all working on any branded product, from an AEG all the way through to a Zanussi.

Because we are based in Cheam, we can reach Cobham quickly to provide you with one of the fastest, fairest and most responsive repair services in Surrey. Our high first-time fix rates owe much to the fact our fleet of vans carry fast-moving parts which help us to perform washing machine repairs, electric oven repairs and dishwasher repairs on the spot.

There are usually two common reasons why domestic appliances break down. The main reason is, quite simply, that everyday use wears important parts and components. The other, somewhat surprisingly, is that some domestic appliance owners in Cobham aren’t using their products properly. Here, we provide advice on how to avoid breakdowns.

Avoiding Washing Machine Repairs

One of our more frequent callouts to Cobham is for washing machine repairs. As with all domestic appliances, parts will fail over time. This can result in regular and costly trips to the launderette. There are several things which owners can do to help prevent breakdowns and over the long term, these helps them to save money on frequent washing machine repairs.

  • Never overload your washing machine with bulky items
  • Empty belongings from the pockets of clothing before a wash
  • Make sure your washing machine is set level to the floor
  • Wipe the rubber seal after each wash to prevent mould growth
  • Clean out the drain filter regularly to prevent drainage issues
  • Use slower spins speeds on heavier loads and faster speeds on light loads
  • Carry out a vinegar cleanse every month to avoid mould and mildew

Avoiding Electric Oven Repairs

If you don’t want the expense of nightly takeaway food or the synthetic taste of microwave meals, taking care of your appliance can eliminate the need for electric oven repairs. Good oven care is something we strongly recommend to our Cobham customers, and some easy proactive measures will also save you money on having to throw food into the bin.

  • Clean hobs after each use and the oven itself every couple of months
  • When cleaning, avoid using excess solution which could seep through to the dials
  • Use aluminium foil sparingly and prevent damage to heating elements
  • Follow manufacturer guidelines if you have a self-cleaning oven
  • Always have electric oven repairs undertaken by a qualified professional
  • Ensure pans, pots and crockery are suitable for your oven type
  • Avoid the use of abrasive and caustic cleaners on ceramic oven tops

Avoiding Dishwasher Repairs

None of us particularly like washing up, and it’s an even bigger burden for owners of domestic appliances in Cobham who could have avoided dishwasher breakdowns by using some common care tips. If the worst happens, please don’t worry. We can travel to your Cobham home to provide responsive dishwasher repairs at time convenient to you.

  • Always scrape and rinse plates before putting them in the dishwasher
  • Ensure salt and rinsing solutions are topped up on a regular basis
  • Remember to clean the dishwasher filter weekly to prevent blockages
  • Wipe the seal clean on a weekly basis to stop leaks and perishing
  • Remove the spray arms every six months and clean them thoroughly
  • Run the dishwasher hot and empty every six months to reduce odours
  • Always buy good quality tablets and avoid cheap alternatives in discount stores

To discuss washing machine repairs, electric oven repairs or dishwasher repairs at your Cobham home, call the trusted team at 1st Choice Domestic Appliances today.

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