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Domestic Appliance Repairs in Epsom

While we’re always pleased when our expertise in domestic appliance repairs comes in handy, we often encounter situations around Epsom where the need for dishwasher repairs, washing machine repairs or domestic appliance replacements could have been easily avoided altogether. That’s why, on this page, we’ve listed down four tops tips for ensuring your washing machine and dishwasher stay functional and healthy. Because while we certainly enjoy it when business is booming, we see what we do as a necessity - we don’t want our clients to suffer from avoidable faults that can disrupt daily routines and sometimes prove expensive to put right.

Avoiding Washing Machine Repairs

Overloading - We urge Epsom homeowners to avoid overloading their washing machines. Many modern appliances feature sensors that will simply prevent a cycle from starting if the contents exceed a certain weight, but some do not. Heavy loads place a lot of stress on your machine, causing all sorts of problems. Consulting your washing machine’s manual and ensuring you don’t exceed its recommended maximum load is an easy and effective way to minimise the chance you’ll need washing machine repairs, or domestic appliance replacements, any time soon. Keep in mind that dishwashers, like washing machines, can also be overloaded.

Foreign Objects - Loose change in the pockets of clothing put on to wash won’t always damage your machine, but it certainly can! We’ve attended to many situations around Epsom where clients have required domestic appliance repairs due to coins, or more bizarre foreign objects, rattling around the drum at high speed and causing damaged to the machine’s inner components. Simply getting in the habit of checking every pocket on items going in the wash is a great way to avoid domestic appliance repairs.

Avoiding Dishwasher Repairs

Rinse Away - It can be a bit of a tedious task, we know, but rinsing plates and utensils before placing them in the dishwasher is a great idea. It means it can do its job more effectively and ensures that gooey foods don’t clog up spray arms or the pump (which could eventually mean you need to invest in dishwasher repairs). You’d be surprised at how many domestic appliance repairs we carry out around Epsom that could have been avoided by doing something this simple!

Spraying Switches - When you wipe down and clean your dishwasher, be careful not to get cleaning fluid or water down into the switches. This could cause the machine to short, which is very dangerous. If you’re in Epsom and you do suffer from this issue, dishwasher repairs won’t always suffice and you may end up forking out for domestic appliance replacements. Beware, washing machines and similar household appliances can suffer electrical faults when cleaning liquids make their way down into switches. So this tip isn’t dishwasher exclusive, and more of a general appliance safety tip.

While the above tips will drastically reduce the chance you require domestic appliance repairs or domestic appliance replacements, they won’t eliminate them altogether - some things are just unavoidable, over a long enough timescale. If you live in Epsom or wider Surrey and something does go wrong, don’t hesitate to call 1st Choice Domestic Appliances, your local specialist in this area!

In the Epsom area and require washing machine repairs, dishwasher repairs or domestic appliance replacements? Pick up the phone and call 1st Choice on 01737 357 517.

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